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      2. 首頁>>Social Media 社交媒體

        Social Media

        Social media offers ICL the ability to closely connect with all our stakeholders around the world. With our coordinated presence on various social media platforms, interested fans and followers can find a variety of information that is made especially with each platform community in mind.



        We like you too 我們也喜歡您


        Learn more about the stories and people that make up ICL on our Facebook page. Become a fan now by liking the page and engaging with our photos, post links, videos, and competitions.訪問我們的 Facebook 頁面,詳細了解是哪些精彩的故事和杰出的人才構成了天一行品牌。

        We like to Tweet 我們愛小鳥


        Follow ICL Twitter account to get first access to reports, news, press releases and event updates關注我們的 Twitter 賬號,搶先獲取報道、新聞、新聞稿和活動更新信息。

        ICL in motion 動起來的天一行


        Subscribe to the ICL Channel on YouTube to experience the story of us through video. You will have pro and fun in our motion. 請訂閱我們的油管, 在這里你會找到專業與有趣.

        Follow us on Sina Weibo 新浪微博互動吧


        Sina Weibo is a Chinese twitter-like service and the most popular social media platform in China. Follow us on Sina Weibo to see ICL’s footprint and diversified activities in one of the world's fastest growing countries. 新浪微博與 Twitter 類似,是中國當前最炙手可熱的社交媒體平臺。 在新浪微博關注我們,了解天一行在中國的足跡和活動。

        Linking up on LinkedIn 領英互聯


        Follow us on LinkedIn to get connected to our experts, be a part of the professional discussions. 在領英上與我們的專業人士對話.