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        About us 我們

        ICL is an innovative logistic and supply chain management company that delivered projects in more than 40 countries since 2007, from solar farm in Italy to apple juice in Thailand. Meanwhile, ICL also serves as an influential consultancy company in logistic industry provided training to more than 14,000 industry professionals.        

        Our core value is to deliver value to customers and maintain relationship and trust.      


        天一行為創新型的供應鏈企業,業務涉及供應鏈端到端。 自2007年起,在全球40個國家交付項目,從意大利的太陽能電場到泰國的蘋果汁交付,都能看到天一行的身影.  同時, 我們在業內也是有影響力的顧問,迄今培訓超過14,000專業人士, 并且每年遞增.                

        我們的核心價值觀是:為客戶創造價值, 同時堅決維護彼此的關系與信任.  

        Contact 聯系方式

        TEL (0086)-0755 2513 3742

        Mob (0086)-(13798590403)

        Email 郵箱:main@iclciao.com

        Company Wechat 企業微信: 2539694415


        Twitter: https://twitter.com/iclciao  

        微信公眾號: iclscm